How does selling my house to an investor work?

Have you ever thought How does selling my house to an investor work” or were just curious about the steps to selling your house? This blog goes over our process when a home buyer is looking to sell their home to a real estate investor or “We Buy Houses” company.

We get a lot of questions each day from property owners looking to sell their home. We will highlight some of the questions we hear from people looking to sell their house. The process is very simple and there is no obligation to use my company to get a quote on what we can by your house for.

The Steps to Selling My House to an Investor

1: This first step will get the ball rolling. Simply head on over to our home page, fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly to get the process started. It literally takes a few minutes to fill out, or you can call us 407-687-2015 and you can chat with my Husband or I about your unique circumstance.

2: We buy in most areas in the Orlando and surrounding area.  However, we tend to focus on distressed properties/situations. Families that are struggling to make payments or are already in pre-foreclosure. Need to move quickly but the home needs repairs so it would be very difficult to sell in today’s market. My family is looking to your family as we have been in very similar situations in the past, and a family came to our rescue in our time of need.

3: Once we have had some time to do our due diligence on your property, we will give you a phone call to discuss your unique situation and also have you tell us a little bit more about the house.

4: If we are able to find a path to help your family in your time of need we will schedule a short on-site inspection to meet you at your house and confirm repairs needed.

5: It’s that simple. An offer will be put together and sent over for review. The offer is simple and straight forward. The best part is we will buy the property as-is and make all the necessary repairs that are needed to sell the home to a new family.

6: If we can agree on an offer or terms to take over the property, the information is forwarded to a title company and attorney to review the docs.

7: The title company will do its research on your property and call with any question they may have.

8: Set a closing date and meet at the title company to receive your check.

If you would like to discuss your options in detail give us a call anytime at 407-687-2015 or check out the rest of our site.

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