I Need To Sell My House to Relocate!

Do you need to sell your home and relocate?

Job transfers, personal matters, or a new job in a new area or state are just some of the reasons you may be looking to sell your house and relocate. Whatever the reason may be, Leia Buys Houses is ready to buy your house quickly for cash regardless of whether you are relocating because of your job or just need to leave your neighborhood and move to a new place.

You may put your house up for sale and it could take 12 months before you get a valid offer from a qualified buyer. This means, you would have paid thousands of dollars in mortgage, insurance, and utilities plus  all the time you will invest in the viewings of the home and realtor visits.

You will be able to move on quickly and focus on more important things once you’ve sold your house. We pay cash for houses in the Orlando Florida and surrounding areas, as it allows us to close quickly and easily. There is no waiting around for our loan application to get approved before buying your house. We will buy your house as swiftly with cash so no approval is needed and we can close as quickly as you’d like.

Leia Buys Houses ensures you receive your cash in a heartbeat! Usually, we close deals within 10 days after you contact us. We are flexible with closing dates so you can pick a date and time that works best for you and your schedule.

No matter the reason for selling your house, we will buy it. Get in touch with us by calling or texting us at 407-687-2015. With us buying your house, you have no consultancy or commission payments to make and zero is deducted from your final payout as agreed.

We are expert real home buyers with a specialty in buying homes in the central Florida area for cash. With purchasing homes for cash it makes the whole process fast and easy for you.

We offer the best way to sell your home by making cash offers to homeowners who wish to sell their homes fast whatever their reasons for selling. We’ve seen it all, from someone that was months behind on their mortgage payments, with the home nearly falling apart.   We are in business to provide a quick and simple process for Central Florida homeowners to sell their homes. Companies that buy houses fast are not reserved for only person(s) who are on the brink of foreclosure. No matter your situation, you can sell your house to us “as-is” and move on with your life.

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