Tips to Sell a House Fast

When you decide its time to move on from your current home what are the first things that come to mind? First would probably be to contact a realtor.  They will want you to declutter, get rid of things laying around the house so that the house will look good when people come in. The realtor will want you get any major repairs fixed before selling your home which can be very costly.  Let’s say your roof is leaking, the patio is falling apart or maybe the carpets are dirty and need to be replaced.  All of this will need to be repaired before you can sell your home.  Not only will the buyers look at these things when they view the home but an inspection will also be completed by a professional who will make a list of all the items you will either need to fix or maybe even reduce the purchase price so the buyer can fix it with the money off. 

A pro tip to sell your house fast is to close with us.  We make the process fast and smooth by giving you a fair offer on your house within 24 hours and we can close as early as 7 days.  We also do not need any repairs done on your home, you won’t have to declutter or get rid of all those items spread all over the floor, we actually prefer it.  If you don’t feel like packing up, we can help you pack it up and move it out.  Anything to make this process smoother, we are here to help.  Let’s say your home needs the roof repaired, guess what- we will buy it before you make those repairs.  Let’s say the floors and carpet are destroyed from animals, we don’t care.  After we purchase your property, we will make all the necessary repairs needed which will save you a ton of time and money. 

Leia Buys Houses is a family owned and operated business that is here to help the community.  We know how difficult how life can be, bills pile up, childcare expenses, family drama, we’ve been through it all.  We are here to make the process of selling your home something that is stress free and easy.  By accepting a fair quick cash offer you can payoff those bills, get caught up on back house payments, you name it.  Call us today so we can help you.

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