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Real Estate Education

Its very important to understand some basic knowledge associated with Real Estate. Here are a few tips to help you through this process. 

We do our best to keep things simple, but it was not always as easy as it is now! It is so important to educate yourself on the process and how things truly work. To sell your house fast in Orlando, or anywhere throughout Orlando and surrounding areas, we highly recommend that you learn as much as possible. Education is important! Not to mention, the real estate rules and regulations can change over time. Utilizing resources such as The Department of Licenses and Inspections  for the city of Orlando can be incredibly handy. You can learn all sorts of information regarding zoning, permits, and violations in conjunction with real estate.

We all got our start somewhere in life. Do you remember your first time starting something new? It can be frightening. With the help of amazing mentors, and after reading a ton of books, our team has learned the ins and outs of how to help people in Orlando sell their properties. Leia and her family want to thank you for the opportunity to help in any way we can.  You can text us anytime at (407) 687-2015 and ask us anything.

Most of the top questions that get asked are most likely ones that you can guess. How much is my house worth in Orlando. How to deal with the Eviction Process? How to sell my house fast in Orlando for cash? I am dealing with foreclosure, can I still sell my home? Our team has helped out countless home owners with any type of question they may have. Even if it’s a broader perspective question about real estate economics, there are answers out there. We are here to serve, don’t be afraid to ask any real estate question that you have. Education is important!


How Much is My House Worth in Orlando

In this advanced stage of technology we are in, there are more tools out there now then ever before to help calculating the value of a home. Most of these tools are readily available to the consumer. With all of these resources, it still is not always easy to answer the questions of how much is my home in Orlando worth? The city of Orlando is very different when it comes to that question. Not to mention, the city is also vast, from one end to the other can take an hour driving! 

Nearby homes is the most common way to gauge a price of your current properties value. In the real estate industry, they are called ‘comps’ which stands for comparable properties. The term essentially means properties that are similar in size, age, condition, and layout to the subject property at hand that is being evaluated. Certain neighborhoods in Orlando are easier to identify comparable properties, and others are harder. The less differences, the easier and more accurate the comp is! Additionally, distance matters! Since neighborhoods can differ drastically, it is helpful to have comparable properties within a 0.1 mile distance from the subject property, and most often the same neighborhood.

Once comparable properties are identified, you are getting closer to answering the question of ‘what is my property in Orlando worth?’ The real estate market dictates these numbers, meaning it can change over time. After reviewing comps, we review the condition of the property and determine what type of renovation we will do and how much we have to fix. Remember, we buy houses in Orlando in any condition, so you do not need to do any cleaning. Also, you don’t have to worry about thoughts like how to sell my house with fire damage. We handle all renovations later on. From here, the evaluation of the property is given based on comparable properties and renovation cost estimates. Our offers are reliable because they are based on actual, real numbers.